Delta Intellicom

Boston Properties

Please use this letter as my strong and personal recommendation of Delta for any data or telephone cabling job large or small.


In January of 2004, Delta began a large cabling job for a 720,000sq office space under development by Boston Properties at 901 New York Avenue. Since that time, Delta has handled a number of other smaller cabling jobs throughout the Washington DC region. Including a 500,000sq office building in Reston V.A., a 30,000sq space at 600 Maryland Avenue in downtown Washington and much smaller office spaces all across the area.


Throughout each and every project, Delta has met and completed projects in a timely and efficient manner. They have also consistently provided skilled technicians with excellent customer services skills to assist with troubleshooting issues within the original scope of work in addition to last minute additions and unexpected changes that were required prior to completion.


Delta has shown extreme dedication to Boston Properties as a client and produced work products and results of the highest quality. I look forward to continuing the working relationship with Delta in the future!