Delta Intellicom

GTM Architects

I would like to thank you and all the people at Delta for their hard work and commitment to GTM Architects. One of my major concerns during the office move was a loss of telephone company to have our phone and T1 connection live even before we packed our find box. Delta technicians were in our office days before the move getting the new phone system installed and configured with our new phones, so that all our employees needed to do was answer incoming calls.

Even with all the setup work, none of it would have gone as smoothly as it did if you had not taken the time to educate our employees. We appreciated the classes you gave the week before the move instructing us about the phones and their functions, When we had individual questions, your technicians gave clear and informative answers. They also came the day we opened for business to answer any question about the phones, and to put out any unforeseen fires.

I would like to thank you and your team again. If we had gone with another company, I doubt the transition would have gone so well.