Setting Up Your Small Business Network

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Getting your small business network set up will give you important tools to keep things running smoothly.

Setting up a small business network at your company is an absolutely essential step in preparing your office for new or returning team members. So whether this is your first time setting up a network or you’re preparing for your team to return to the office, setting your equipment up correctly will ensure your team will have all the tools they need to hit the ground running. 

How Can You Set Up Your Small Business Network? 

Do You Have the Right Equipment? 

When getting started, you’ll need some basic equipment regardless of the type of network you’re looking for. Here’s a list of what you should be looking for and a very brief synopsis of their function: 

  • Modem: How you connect to the internet
  • Router: How you can transfer data to all of your devices
  • Switch: How all of your devices can talk to each other
  • LAN/Patch Cable: To prevent any WiFi signal from getting too bogged down
  • Patch Panel: A huge hub with many ports to make wired connections to your switch
  • Firewall: A security system for your network 
  • Point (AP): Hardware that will connect your devices, like laptops or VoIP phones, directly to your wired network
  • Repeater: Regenerates a WiFi signal throughout your office building, avoiding dead or slow spots
    Do You Know What Kind of Network You Want? 

Wireless Network

Using a wireless connection is an excellent option for most small business networks. It’s easy to add and remove devices, which is ideal for anticipating future growth. Wireless networks are also more budget-friendly to install than wired networks. Depending on the size of your office building, the WiFi signal can get slower or weaker through walls or floors; however, a repeater can help boost the signal in any iffy spaces. If your business is highly dependent on reliability and speed, a WiFi signal may not be ideal since other appliances, like microwaves, can interfere with a signal, and they don’t always work at their highest-rated speed.

Hard-Wired Network

Do you need a highly-reliable, fast internet connection on all your devices? A hardwired small business network can ensure you can transfer data quickly and securely, regardless of how many floors or rooms your office has, unlike wireless networks. However, this comes at an extra cost of running physical wires throughout your space, which requires a little extra time, labor, maintenance, and budget. 

Hybrid Network

A hybrid network can be a great compromise between a fully wired or wireless network. This works by having particular routers, switches, hubs, and Ethernet cables to utilize a wired local area network (LAN) connection and WiFi. This flexibility is fabulous for connecting smartphones, laptops, and other small devices when needed and utilizing a fast and secure hardwired connection for desktops and VoIP phones. While it will be a more substantial upfront investment because of hardware installation, this is a good option if your business needs speed and flexibility! 

Small Business Network Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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