How Your Outdated Phone System is Hurting Your Business

Delta Intellicom Outdated Phone System
Don’t let an outdated phone system hold your business back.

Keeping your business technology up-to-date can be a daunting task. Depending on your industry, this may be a minor task (keeping computers updated) or a major one (staying on top of the constant changes in the manufacturing world). Almost every single business, however, has a piece of technology that is shared, and it is the same piece of tech that is so often overlooked when it comes to updates: the phone. Most people don’t think there have been many improvements in phone technology, at least for “land lines” in so long that it doesn’t even deserve a second thought. This isn’t true, however, and your outdated phone system could be hurting your business more than you know. Read on to learn more. 

Changing Communication

While most people think that phone tech hasn’t changed much in the past decade, they also would all agree that business communication has changed dramatically. These things can’t both be true – the truth is that both have changed drastically. Today, businesses need communication systems that can go wherever their employees need to go and can be scaled to meet business needs. This means that phone systems can’t be tethered to the office – they need to at least be able to forward to a cell phone so that someone in the field (or an employee working from home) can still answer. This requires the proper physical equipment and telecommunications systems to be in place. If you are still using an older phone system, perhaps even one that isn’t digital, you’re missing out on the many benefits of modern telecommunications. 

Issues With Old Systems

Older systems often meet your needs but don’t do as good a job as a newer system could. You may not even know all of the benefits of an upgraded system that you’re missing out on. Older systems are often limited in their ability to connect and redirect calls, whereas newer systems can not only sort calls but can sometimes distribute them to agents based on a variety of factors, including average call time or total talk minutes. Newer systems, including VoIP, are often also more cost-effective since you’re already paying for internet.

Issues With Old Tech

The physical tech that you are hanging on to is also holding your business back. Even if the system it runs on meets your needs, and it provides a good digital signal, those older headsets are quickly becoming obsolete. Over time, buttons will start to stick, touchscreens may become less responsive, and even the physical parts within the earpiece may stop working. These can be difficult if not impossible to repair or replace, and if you can replace the parts they will get increasingly expensive as time goes on. In almost all cases, upgrading your phone system is a more reasonable and cost-effective choice. 

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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