The Three Main Types of Phone Systems

When it comes to staying connected, the right phone system is crucial for any business. Whether you prioritize remote work, cost-effective equipment, or adaptability, there are a few main phone systems that you can choose from. The right phone system for you will depend on your business’s size and unique needs, but there are a few strengths and weaknesses to keep in mind. Here are some of the most important things to know about the three main types of phone systems.

  1. Key System Unit (KSU)

The first, and most basic, type of business phone system uses a Key System Unit, or KSU. This multi-line system is very easy to use and has all the basic features of a standard home telephone system. These are excellent low-cost options for very small or new businesses. The drawbacks of KSU phone systems are a lack of adaptability and flexibility. KSU systems are limited to a small number of lines and therefore will not be able to grow and adapt to a fast-growing business for too long.

  1. Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

On the other hand, PBX phone systems are perfectly capable of handling the needs of businesses from small to large in size. These systems also have far more available features than a KSU system, including programmable switching devices that allow for the automatic routing of incoming calls. This is useful for medium- to larger-sized businesses that may need to rely on a more automated system. PBX systems are not reliant on an Internet connection, but they are a more expensive phone system in terms of equipment, and they can be difficult to upgrade to meet the changing needs of a quickly growing business.

  1. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Many businesses choose a VoIP phone system due to its high flexibility and low cost. These advanced systems use your Internet connection to make calls, saving business owners on up-front phone equipment costs and allowing for automatic updates from your VoIP provider. This makes VoIP systems highly adaptable, a great choice for quickly growing businesses or remote work. However, due to the reliance on Internet connection, call quality can be poorer as the result of an unreliable Internet connection and impossible to use during a power outage. All in all, the right phone system will depend on your business’s unique needs.

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