Top Trends in VoIP in 2017

VoIP is an incredibly popular technology throughout modern business, and it continues to expand and get new features. Mobile VoIP phones have started to transform the way that we communicate and how easy it is to get a phone number. With lower costs than ever and higher flexibility than ever, VoIP still has a lot more expanding left to go! Here are the top trends we predict in VoIP in 2017.

A New 5G World

Now that 4G has been commonplace for a while, consumers are waiting for the next big thing in wireless networking. Early predictions indicate that the new 5G network could be a whopping 10 times faster than current speeds. Since it will be easier than ever to get and send information on the go, mobile data usage will continue to go up. While 5G technology might not be widespread until 2020, 2017 should be the start of roll-outs.

Security is the Top Priority

More than anything else, security is becoming a huge priority. More and more applications hold sensitive information, whether it’s your bank account number and password, or even your credit cards. VoIP is easier to access or hack than traditional phone lines since it does use the internet to transmit the information, so security is paramount. Since hackers are moving their priorities towards ransomware, companies will start to ramp up their cloud and VoIP security.

Greater Mobility

VoIP mobile options are still gaining in popularity, and 2017 will be no different. One of the top trends across technology is increased mobility, meaning a large growth in the numbers of people on the go using the technology and taking it wherever they go. VoIP allows workers to get their job done from just about anywhere while allowing you to talk to them just about anywhere. Even though workers are always connected, this VoIP trend allows them to feel freer than ever before.

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