Wi-Fi Security Tips

A hacker’s best friend is an unsecured wireless network. They look for easy targets that make your personal information easily accessible. Keep in mind that the convenience of Wi-Fi also comes with an added responsibility to ensure that your data remains private and secure. Here are a few tips to remember while setting up and maintaining your Wi-Fi network.

Change Your User Name

All Wi-Fi routers come with a generic name associated with the system. Oftentimes, people only change the password, but it’s important to make the name itself a unique identifier as well. Hackers can easily search for and decipher the default name, putting your system at risk.

Use a Strong Password

Creating a strong password for your Wi-Fi network makes a hacker’s job more difficult. It should include a combination of letters, numbers, and other keyboard characters and symbols. The more unique the password, the better. Also don’t store your password anywhere that’s easily accessible. Keep a record of your password but ensure that it is kept in a secure and restricted space.

Use Encryption

Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA is the gold standard in network encryption. Encryption stops would-be hackers from being able to access your Wi-Fi connection and possibly gain access to your personal data and online activities.

Limit Access

Keep a careful record of all individuals who have had access to your Wi-Fi network. Limiting the number of people who use the system will enhance security greatly. If at any point you feel that too many people have had access to your system, that would be an opportune time to change the password. If necessary, set up a guest network for visitors and friends which allow you to maintain control over the passwords being used and when the network is accessed, and by whom.

Turn It Off

This is probably the easiest tip of them all but simply turning off your Wi-Fi when not in use is a great step for increasing security. Hackers can’t access a system that they can’t see. If you can, specifically during off-peak hours, shutting down your Wi-Fi network increases your control over who has access to the system and when.

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