How Scalable Phone Systems Benefit Your Business

Delta Intellicom Scalable Phone Systems
Scalable phone systems can save you money in the long run and offer the necessary flexibility for your company and its employees.

Scalable phone systems mean always having a functional, efficient system regardless of how many calls you receive or phone lines you need. So, how does your current phone system measure up? If it’s cumbersome to add lines when you need them, or your phones start acting up when you get over a certain number of incoming calls, you should consider revamping your system with a more manageable, scalable phone system. So, what exactly do scalable phone systems look like, and how do they make it easier for your growing business

What Kinds of Scalable Phone Systems are Available? 

On-Premise Systems

Private-branch exchange or PBX servers are great for facilities requiring highly-reliable dedicated lines for each employee. These systems are hard-wired into your building and need a dedicated server on the premise. PBX systems can be scalable, and you’ll typically purchase modules of phone lines for a certain amount of users at a time, so you can buy more lines than you presently need to accommodate for future growth, then scale up when you need to. With an IP-PBX system, the investment isn’t as steep as it was in the past, making this option more affordable and flexible!

Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud-based systems using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) are designed for scalability! Since these lines are all virtual, there’s no extra hardware needed when you need to add users. Since growth can sometimes be rapid or unexpected, using a cloud-based system means it’s simple to add users as you need and remove them when they’re no longer required. 

Why Should Your Business Invest in a Scalable Phone System? 

Preparing for Growth 

Scalable phone systems grow and change with your business, and what’s not to love about that? It ensures you and your team have the right resources when they’re needed.

Saves on Overhead Costs

Whether you’re making an upfront investment in a PBX system for your office building or opting for a lower upfront cost for your startup, a scalable system that accounts for growth in the long-term will always be more budget-friendly than scurrying to find an option at the last minute. 

Flexible for Remote Workers

The shutdown at the beginning of the pandemic proved you never know when you and your workers will need to be flexible. Cloud-based scalable phone systems are perfect for a remote or hybrid workforce because they can just download an app on their smartphone or home desktop to use their work line. 

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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