Does My Business Need a New Phone System?

Is it time to upgrade or change your business phone system? You’ll know if your current system isn’t operating as optimally or effectively as you need it to. In general, it’s recommended that businesses update their phone systems once every five years to ensure that the system is comparable to industry standards. Follow this guide to learn if your business would benefit from a new phone system.

Quick Expansion

The goal of every business owner is to see their dream become reality, and then to grow and become a renowned name in the industry. When your business starts to expand, your phone system needs to keep up with the demand. If you’ve been hiring new representatives, moving into new locations, or servicing a greater number of customers, you would greatly benefit from a phone system that’s adaptable enough to grow with you. Consider the amount of business you’d potentially lose if you had to wait weeks to get new hardware connected in the office.

No Integration

Your phone system should easily integrate with your customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning software. If it doesn’t, your sales team will likely have a more difficult time inputting call information into those systems. Consider upgrading to a phone system that integrates with those databases for more seamless and accurate data entry.

Personal Devices

Business has become much more mobile, thanks in part to the advancements in mobile technology. When professionals travel, they often use their personal devices to conduct business operations. An upgrade to your business phone system will allow your associates to access their messages and be reached on their mobile devices from one number. You’ll also gain more control and visibility of how the devices are used when they aren’t in the office.  

Data Control

An effective phone system will enable you to use the data from each call to help enhance your business operations. Some of the data includes call times, average duration of calls, and even call abandonment rates. This information can be used for training and to better achieve your business goals.

Cost Efficiency

Are you getting the features that you need for a price that makes sense for your business? Assess your monthly bill and the rest of your expenditures, including hardware and maintenance. Shop around for options that would be more cost efficient while providing the features you need.

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